How it works:

Some quick facts about our unique lunch delivery system. We currently only deliver lunch to companies between 11:15 and 12:15 from Monday to Friday. When you sign up for an account with Grouplunch, we need to enter your company address into our system. This tells our drivers where to deliver your meal. We use the domain name of your company email to associate you and all your co-workers with the correct delivery address. Personal emails would not allow us to associate you with your company.

We request phone numbers in case we need to reach you right away in regard to issues with a Grouplunch order. We do not share any of your information outside of Grouplunch and will only contact you with issues pertaining to Grouplunch’s ordering and delivery service.


Choose your perfect lunch among all restaurant partners and find your meal with our advanced filtering technology. You can pre-set filters in case you want to (vegan, gluten free, etc), choose between different restaurants at the same time and checkout all your meals at once. Having over 800 meals to choose from you can be sure to find the perfect meal every day.

On time:

You can choose your lunch every morning until 10:00 (most restaurants) or 10:30 (smaller group of restaurants). If you are the planner type, you can pre-order your lunch during weekdays with our calendar function. Your lunch will be delivered daily between 11:15 and 12:15. Once a delivery is dropped off, each customer who placed an order will receive an email informing them their lunch has arrived. On time like a Swiss train, every weekday. In case of delays you will be informed in advance by our customer service team.

Individual, groups, caterings:

We deliver individual orders as well as grouped orders or caterings. All orders arrive with “Name tags” on each food box. Once your company is accepted in our delivery system you can be delivered daily. You can either set up a company account and define a certain budget per team or individual with an easy budget control and monthly invoicing or order privately for yourself. Get in touch with us to tailor the best solution for you or your company.