How it works

Foozo is a platform allowing you to order food to be delivered either to your workplace or to your home. We benefit from the great know-how of Grouplunch, the market leader in office food delivery in Luxembourg.

With Foozo now delivering to your home, you have a unique advantage: The possibility to mix food from different restaurants within one order and without any extra delivery fee.

That’s right, you can finally have sushi while your other half enjoys a pizza and your kids have burgers. The fights over where to order for everyone are over! We deliver all the meals together in a single delivery and in time.

If you are at your office at lunch and need a best-in-class on-time delivery, no worries we’ve still got you covered, like we always did. If you would like to have a light crunchy salad from that healthy restaurant but cannot live without a chocolate cake, you can browse through our different partners to find the perfectly balanced menu you are looking for. We will deliver all your items ordered together, in a single delivery, on time.

For same-day deliveries, orders for lunch can be placed until 10h30 for delivery before noon, while orders for dinner placed before 19h30 will be delivered between 20h00 and 21h00. You already know what you want to have for dinner on Saturday? Foozo allows you to order days ahead with our calendar function and then relax – we will be there on D-Day.