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Delivery time: 11:15 - 12:15

Bella Napoli

The "Bella Napoli" was one of the first pizzerias in Luxembourg, and it is now the oldest in the city.
It is a pizzeria where the word "Tradition" has a strong meaning: family tradition, since the Balestri family is still at the helm, but also culinary tradition, with its pasta, its desserts and its ice creams entirely handmade.

The "Pizzeria Bella Napoli" makes it a point of honor to offer a cuisine where fresh products have a major place at affordable prices. In a pleasant and cosy setting, tradition and modernity are combined. The entire staff, kitchen and dining room, is also part of this family "continuity", as many of them have been serving you with the same pleasure for many years.

However, if today the "Pizzeria Bella Napoli" is an unavoidable appointment of the Italian cuisine in Luxembourg, it is to you that we owe it. We try to deserve this loyalty every day, by the choice of our products and the diligence of our service.

This is our priority, and has been since 1976.



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