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Delivery time: 11:15 - 12:15


RAWDISH was established in 2015 by dynamic and hard-working millennial's out of a necessity for clean food. We have been providing healthy and quick options for Luxembourg. We are proud to cater to all your cravings using healthy, organic ingredients.
#No Additives   #No Preservatives   #100% Bio

- Don't panic, we are even certified Organic.
- We use only highest quality ingredients because your body absorbs not only good substances but also nasty pesticides every time you eat. This is especially vital while consuming cold-pressed juices that flood your cells immediately.

- Pinkie Promisse: You don't need sugar, you are sweet enough.
- Our products contain no chemicals, no added sugar, no preservatives, no pasteurizers, no HPP.
- Our clean (raw) and delicious superfoods are clearly labelled - all ingredients with their benefits and potential allergens.
- Choose between detox, protein power, work-out support or a flowing hair and skin options.
- All our fresh products are curative, life-prolonging, tasty and energising.

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