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Delivery time: 19:30 - 20:30



Ukiyo, the "floating, fleeting, or transient world" describes the urban lifestyle, especially the pleasure-seeking aspects, of the Edo-period Japan (1600–1867). The Floating World culture was developed in Yoshiwara, the licensed red-light district of Edo (modern Tokyo). The Ukiyo culture also arose in other cities such as Osaka and Kyoto.

In our cuisine, we seek to reflect the quick pleasures of life which enrich our memory, all these little day-to-day moments of pleasure which add up to great living. Eating fast, a common habit well implemented within the busy daily life of Japan, does not mean eating unhealthy, or badly. On the contrary, Japanese street cuisine seeks a perfect equilibrium of nutrients, everything you need to be able to be productive, whilst still enjoying the pleasure of a delicious meal. Try our Bento Boxes and get a taste of what it is to get a pleasant glimpse into Japanese street-cuisine.

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