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Xinjiang is the westernmost province and the largest Muslim colony in China. It also plays an essential role in promoting the Belt & Road initiative. Due to its unique location and great cultural wealth, Xinjiang food is one of the most popular food in China.

As the largest autonomous region in China, Xinjiang claims representation of different ethnic groups and is well known for its culinary talents in Central Asia. All of its cities are occupied by the Uyghur ethnic minority and other Muslim ethnic groups such as the Hui people. This means that the food is mostly halal and there is less pork than in other parts of China. Roasted mutton, very fragrant spices and sweet desserts, sprinkled with sugar, take center stage in the presentation of dishes.

Fortunately, you will now find the real taste of Xinjiang cuisine in Luxembourg city at “Restaurant Xinjiang”! We reclarify that all the meats we will serve are 100% Halal products.

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