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Delivery time: 11:15 - 12:15

Zopp & Z'iessen

Who does not remember, as a child, being drawn from the good smell to the kitchen, and having said to our mothers a "Mamm, wat kachs de ?". Often the answer was toothsome, even if it was sketchy: "Zopp an Z’iessen". A traditional Luxembourgish expression, which literally means "soup and something to eat" ... in other words: "let me surprise you ; it will be good and plentiful".

It is in the continuity of this tradition that we cook with fresh and natural ingredients, mostly from our gardens and under the label "Aus eisem Gaart" and "Aus eisem Gaart Bio".

It is with this philosophy that the social initiative Proactif a.s.b.l and the restaurant Zopp an Z’iessen work together to put people back into the labor market, people who have not always been lucky.

From the hygiene department, service to citizens, gardening, market gardening, versatile crafts, through painting and cooking, we offer people a real chance of reintegration into the various fields.

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